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A Systematic Study of the Riga House Registers as a Source for Jewish Genealogy in Inter-War Latvia

This project has a strong demographic thrust.

It provides a detailed, and searchable database of the 20-21,000 Jews living in Riga in the inter-war period and is accompanied by an extended historical and sociological narrative, contextualizing the findings in the database.

The work was carried out over a two-year period by a highly qualified team of experts, headed by Professor Rubin Ferber, Chair of the Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Latvia in Riga, together with other research partners, including Dr.Rita Bogdanova, M.Phil., a Senior Researcher, at the Latvian State Historical Archives, Riga.

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Click here for the final report on this project, written by doctoral student Olga Aleksejeva.

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Click here for a paper, prepared by Dr.Rita Bogdanova, on how to use the database.