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Alain Farhi

Alain Farhi is a businessman with a passion for genealogy. When his business in Singapore and elsewhere permits, he nurtures his Farhi family site, The Fleurs de l’Orient, on the Internet ( He started tracking the Farhi families in the early 1980s and at present the vast site now covers many families of Middle East origins and beyond. He has lectured on planting family trees in cyberspace and currently directs a DNA-related project for the Institute. In 2003, he re-published his grandfather’s Siddur Farhi, a Sephardic prayer book for daily, Sabbath and Festival prayers, first published in 1917, with a translation into literary Arabic (in Arabic script). Born in Egypt and educated in France, he chose the United States as his country of adoption. He is married to Jeannine Toueg and they have two grown up children: Philippe and Sabrina.