Tools and Technologies


Future Projects

The Institute plans to initiate the following projects which fall into the category of “Tools and Technologies” to assist the work of Jewish genealogists and social scientists in general:

i. Portal to Sources and Resources for research into Jewish genealogy worldwide.

A major portal opening on to a systematic mapping of primary sources and other resources for Jewish genealogy in national archives, libraries, private collections etc. throughout the world on a geographical basis.

ii. Master Bibliography for Jewish genealogy
The production of a multi-lingual master bibliography for Jewish genealogy, broadly defined to cover published genealogies and family histories, biographies, rabbinical works, existing bibliographical lists, catalogues, encyclopaedias, reference works,  atlases, gazetteers, guides to archives and sources, and a panoply of relevant websites.
iii. Digitalized collection of Academic  Articles and Publications on Jewish genealogy
The systematic digitalization of significant articles from hard to access Jewish genealogical periodicals and scholarly journals for publication both on this website and on CD’s, with an advanced search engine to facilitate use.These and other projects will be launched at some future date.