Tools and Technologies

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Tools and Technologies for Jewish Genealogy

Among the Institute’s major goals is the development of tools and cutting-edge technologies for the work of Jewish family historians and of social scientists in general.

Since its opening in January 2006, the Institute has been active in both of these areas and has produced a series of concrete results. A number of projects are currently in progress and others are planned for the future.

    1. Tools and Technologies already produced
      1. Tools
        1. An original system for the determination and synchronization of Absolute Generations for genealogical purposes – devised by the late Dr. Paul Jacobi.
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        2. Hand-list of the typewritten research monographs in the Jacobi Collection.
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        3. Annotated inventory of the handwritten materials in the Jacobi Collection.
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        4. Index of the Shmuel Gorr Archive.
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      2. Technologies
        1. Beider-Morse Phonetic Matching – an innovative soundex system for matching primarily Ashkenazic surnames.
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        2. Merging of Genealogical Datasets – a pioneering system for the integration of non-compatible genealogical databases.
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        3. Digital Maps of Jewish Populations in Europe (1750-1950) – for online viewing, to be created by historian Laurence Leitenberg of Lausanne, Switzerland, and digital cartographer, Sandy Crystall of Bow, New Hampshire, USA.
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    2. Work in Progress
      1. Genealogical Glossary in Hebrew – being produced by a team of linguistic experts and others, headed by Dr. Chanan Rapaport.
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      2. Indexing of Jacobi Research – Indexing of the handwritten materials in the Jacobi Genealogical Collection.
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