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Jacobi Papers

Dr. Paul Jacobi (1911-1997) bequeathed to the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem his library and the complete collection of genealogical studies, conducted over his lifetime, into about 400 European rabbinical and other prominent Jewish families. When the Institute was first formed in 2004, it was entrusted with the genealogical studies with a view to editing and publishing them.

100 of the studies were developed by Dr. Jacobi himself into 114 “monographs”. They are type-written and loosely bound work-books. Some of these are small and contain a mere 50 names, while others, such as the Horowitz family (3 vols.), as well as the Spiro, Jaffe and nine other families (all 2 vols.), each contain more than 2,000 names. An Index (in CD form) of the monographs was prepared for the IAJGS Conference on Jewish Genealogy in Jerusalem in 2004.

The balance of Dr. Jacobi’s studies, relating to some 300 families, are still in  handwritten form and are the subject of the Jacobi Indexing Project, currently being conducted.

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