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Goals and Activities

The goals of the Institute, as elaborated in 2004 (i.e. prior to its founding), were and largely remain:

  1. To engage in scientific research into Jewish genealogy in the broadest sense, including Jewish family history;
  2. To encourage the teaching of Jewish genealogy at the university level;
  3. To acquire and/or copy primary and secondary sources for Jewish genealogy;
  4. To create a central repository for records of value to Jewish genealogy;
  5. To develop standards for the systematic study of Jewish genealogy;
  6. To produce research and teaching aids and to develop technologies for Jewish genealogy;
  7. To conduct academic symposia and events on topics central to Jewish genealogy;
  8. To publish a scientific journal of Jewish genealogy and other publications;
  9. To collaborate closely with existing Jewish genealogical organizations and other relevant institutions and frameworks;
  10. In general, to contribute to Jewish “roots”, scholarship and culture, and thereby to the strengthening of Jewish identity and the future of the Jewish people.