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Genealogical Glossary in Hebrew

The Institute, in collaboration with the Israel Genealogical Society and the Web-based Tappuz “Family Roots Forum”, has embarked upon the preparation of a scientific glossary of genealogical terms in Hebrew.

The Institute sees this project as part of its efforts to reach out to, and cooperate with, the wider genealogical community. It will provide Hebrew-speaking researchers and family historians with a much-needed tool.

For the purpose, an Expert Working Group has been formed, headed by Dr. Chanan Rapaport, the Deputy Chair of the Institute and comprised of genealogists, philologists and Hebrew language specialists, as follows:

*** Dr. Arnon Hershkovitz – founder of the “Family Roots Forum”; genealogist.

*** Mrs. Yocheved Klausner – former editor of Sharsheret Hadorot (journal of the Israel Genealogical Society) ; Hebrew language specialist.

*** Mrs. Chana Meshler – Hebrew philologist, Academy of the Hebrew Language.

*** Mr. Sasson Naor – Arabic language consultant.

*** Rabbi Meir Wunder – specialist in Biblical, Talmudic and Rabbinic languages.

*** Mr. Joshua Yellin – Medieval and Modern Hebrew expert.

*** Prof. Israel Zak – genealogist.

>Once compiled, the glossary will be submitted to the Academy of the Hebrew Language in Jerusalem for its official endorsement.