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Gorr Papers Inventory

The late Rabbi Shmuel Gorr, a well-known genealogist in Jerusalem (died 1988) who specialized in rabbinical genealogy, bequeathed his papers to the Jewish National and University Library. The Institute proposes to inventory them in the year of 2009 and post the results on this website.

The contents of the collection were briefly described by Mr. Chaim Freedman of Petach Tikva in Nu – What’s New? (IV, 21, December, 2003) as follows:

  1. Research relating to families who availed themselves of Rabbi Gorr’s research service and his findings. This type of material is kept in about 300 nylon files, arranged by family.
  2. Family tree scrolls drafted by Gorr.
  3. Data about Shadarim (emissaries) sent from Eretz Yisrael to Australia in the 19th century.
  4. Lists of donors to Shemesh Tzedakah in Jerusalem, extracted according to communities overseas.
  5. Articles written by Rabbi Gorr on a variety of genealogical and historical subjects, most unpublished.
  6. Surnames – original research by Rabbi Gorr, unpublished.