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Research Grants (2016) – Call for Research Proposals

In February 2016, the Institute issued its annual “Call for Research Proposals” for original projects to be conducted in Jewish genealogy during academic 2016-17.

Proposals are to be submitted by 31 May, 2016. The results of the competition are to be announced by 1 September.

Proposals in all areas of Jewish Genealogy are invited. They can be in the categories of pure genealogical research or in the form of inter-disciplinary research. They can also seek to provide Jewish genealogists and family historians with innovative “tools and technologies” to advance their work.

A list of the Institute’s preferred areas for research was published in advance of the 2008 competition and is still relevant (for the electronic link to this list, see below).

All proposals are required to conform with the “Instructions to Applicants” (see link below). Only applications submitted in correct form will be accepted for adjudication. They should not be directed at private family research and they should not include requests for funding of disproportionate travel, and/or for personal equipment (such as laptops, cameras, etc.)

Proposals are required to meet rigorous standards for substance, originality, importance, sources, etc. and to be carefully budgeted, with a clear time-line for completion indicated.

They were judged on the basis of academic excellence by the Academic Committee. That Committee will also follow the successful applicants’ progress during the implementation of their research.

Grants of up to $10,000 will be awarded to successful applicants.

The Academic Committee’s decisions, including the size of actual grant to be awarded, are final and not open to appeal.

The results of the research will be published under the Institute’s auspices, either on its Website or in printed form. Subject to the Academic Committee’s approval, they may also be published, with proper acknowledgement to the Institute’s sponsorship, in an alternative academic framework, such as scholarly journal.

Click here for the 2016 “Call for Research Proposals”.

Click here for the 2016 “Instructions to Applicants”.

Click here for the 2008 list of “Preferred Research Areas”.

Click here for the “Researcher’s Agreement”, to be signed by successful applicants (sample text, subject to amendment).